I’ll never forget when my husband and I first saw this movie in the theater.  There was quite a line waiting to be admitted into the theater that night, and everyone was talking about what the heck they were about to see.  We went in knowing next to nothing on what the movie was going to be about but we had heard buzz that is was pretty amazing.   Being the horror movie buff that I am, there were not a whole lot of good offerings in the genre during this time, and we were both hankering for something different.

Ah my dear Eli Roth, you delivered in spades.  This movie is equal parts disgusting, hilarious and sad.  I have to say my love affair with Eli Roth began when exiting that theater.  Now a lot of people don’t agree with me on this one.  My husband and I both have twisted senses of humor so the bits that were hysterical in the movie don’t necessarily make normal people laugh, but hey I never claimed to be normal!

If you are even remotely squeamish, this movie is NOT for you.  Seriously.  Turn back now.  But if you love gore and some serious nastiness then continue reading my fellow freak!  The basic premise of this movie is the typical college kids go to a cabin in the middle of the woods to “party”.

You’ve got a beer guzzling jock, a slightly effeminate pretty boy and his hot as hell girlfriend.  And then the main characters, the friendzoned nice guy (played by Rider Strong from Boy Meets World) who has been love with his best friend since they were in eighth grade.  She’s the sweet girl next door type, super hot and just as nice.   So yeah, even the group of kids is pretty much a trope in and of itself (but fairly sure that is what Eli was going for). Although this is where the normal of this film stops.

Now I know in most movie reviews they give you a fairly detailed synopsis.  I will not be doing that for this one.  Because I want you to be just as surprised as we were when we went in knowing nothing about the main premise. There have been a few entries into the horror genre since Cabin Fever that have truly made me jump for joy, but I feel that this was the first new release in my adult years that thrilled me quite this much.

So if you dare to be disgusted, watch this one.  Seriously.

Next up is a departure from the horror genre and on to….a kids movie (albeit a dark one) Return to Oz.


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