This one always makes me remember the bad times in my relationships, but also the amazingly wonderful times.  And how you can go from one extreme to the other with someone you care deeply about.  Cinematographically this is a gorgeous movie, emotionally it’s a bit of a rollercoaster, but that is part of what I love about it.   I think this was also the first time I saw Jim Carrey in a serious role.  It was either this or the Truman show but I can’t remember which came first.  I’ve always adored Kate Winslet, she is so beautiful and her role of Clementine is so three dimensional and real.

The true essence of this movie, though on the surface it seems that it is just about relationships, is also about depression and mental illness.  The struggle that we all feel, especially at the disintegration of a once vibrant and amazing relationship, of letting that morass just suck you down into it.  My husband told me that the writer of this movie was using this as a medium to express what happened with his own life, how depression tore apart his relationship with his wife.

But there is some hopefulness in the end, that maybe we can get over our fears, and annoying quirks, our patterns and just break free from them.  Be who we want to be, and do that together.  My husband and I have had our ups and downs, who hasn’t, but I know that in the end we are always willing to look past each others flaws and remember the things we love about each other.   That is really what I think the message of this movie is.

If you haven’t watched this and you’d like an interesting introspective on life and the people we choose to walk it with, watch this.  It is truly beautiful.  You might cry a little, so prepare for that, but I love movies that make me cry, and that stick with you long after you’ve finished watching them.   Although nothing compares to the amount of crying I did while watching the Fountain.  We’ll get to that one later (it’s a doozy).  But for now, I leave you with this parting thought, be forgiving and always remember the good times.

P.S. Sorry I totally lied in my last post about doing Fight Club next.  I am, it’s just still in progress.  This one felt more pressing and I just finished watching it and wanted the feeling to remain with me while I wrote.  Next up should actually be Fight Club this time! Farewell for now.


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