I already wrote my love letter to Eli Roth earlier, but Joss Whedon is a god amongst men.  The man can tell a story like nobody’s business!  My very first fandom, before I even knew there was a word for it, was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’ve watched that show in its entirety at least 10 times (and I’m sure I will watch it many more times throughout the years).  There is just something so unique about Joss and his stories.  They have this originality that so many mediums these days are lacking.

Cabin in the Woods is actually Whedon’s first foray into the horror genre.  He decided to break into new ground because he thought the genre was lacking (sadly true for the most part) and that he could do better.  And boy did he knock this one right out of the park!  It has everything a good horror fan wants.  A whole mess of gore (literally), an interesting and unique story line and a little bit of humor thrown in for flavor.

I don’t even want to give away too much of the premise here because it is just too cool and you’ve got to see it for yourself.  The only thing I’ll tell you is it’s unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen.  Basically, it takes the typical horror concept of college kids going to a cabin and makes it into something out of this world.  The special effects and gore are top notch, the acting is great (not Oscar worthy crazy or anything) but solid performances all around.

Plus as an added bonus, we get some Buffyverse actors!  Fred and Andrew (I’m using their character names cause I love them) being two notables there.  And for you Thor fans, Hemsworth is one of the main characters (and he has a super awesome death scene!)  I promise I’m not giving too much away.  It’s a horror movie, you think they are all going to live to see the end?  Not a chance!  Also I’m a sucker for an unhappy bleak ending.  (Not that I’m saying this one is bleak…well maybe a little.  Darn it is hard not to write potential spoilers!)

If you are looking for something just a little bit different and a whole lot fun, this is the movie for you.


I have a pretty defined list of favorite movies, and it is unusual for a newer one to make it there, but this one has been creeping up the ranks.


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