Stephen King.  The master of horror, for the most part anyway.  When I was a kid, I devoured his books much like the creatures in the Mist devoured the poor unsuspecting characters.  I’ve watched many adaptations of his novels, some good, some horrendous and others that were pretty well done.  So the bar hasn’t always been set very high for his movie adaptations.  And no I didn’t forget about the Shining (Stanley Kubrick’s version of course).  But as far as movies that go more by the letter of the original novel The Shining took a few liberties as far as the plot went.   I am a fan of his earlier books for sure, but I had gotten to the point where nothing of his thrilled me at all anymore.

Thomas Jane plays the main protagonist who is a father just trying to go out and get some groceries.   There is a little foreshadowing in the beginning where him and his wife wonder about the mist rolling in over the mountains.  So the pair heads over to the town’s grocery store where most of the action takes place.  The residents hole up and barricade themselves in when they realize that the mist is not your garden variety weather pattern.  The creatures that are revealed are well done and holy crap shit gets real.  I love the concept of the crazy religious lady too, crying about the end of times and acting like a crazy cult leader.  Whipping people up into a frenzy and whining about sacrifices.  (I still wanted the bitch to die though.  She pissed me off what can I say?)

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead (which I definitely am) you will recognize more than a few of the characters in this.  Actually the director Frank Darabont was one of the creators of the Walking Dead (well in the beginning anyway) so it’s obvious he is partial to some actors. But again, I digress, this review is about the Mist (stay on target, I like to go off on tangents if you can’t already tell).

Seriously though, this is a good adaptation, and a damn good movie.  The ending is MESSED UP with a capital M. Like insanely fucked up.  Ironic and horrible and heart wrenching.  I won’t give it away, I am trying very hard to avoid any major spoilers for my dear readers.  Cause P.S. Spoilers are a horrible thing to do to people (I’ve got my eye on a few of my friends who like to post just a little TOO much information on Facebook.  You know who you are.)

So if you’re feeling like a little bit of good old Stephen King, check this one out if you haven’t watched it already.  And let me apologize in advance for the ending.  Seriously.  Someone felt like leaving you gut wrenched.  But you’ll have to watch and see what I’m talking about.


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