The last of a purported trilogy (of sorts) where Simon Pegg and his buddy Nick Frost play best friends.  Obviously they are all in wildly different settings, but Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End are all sort of about friends in the end aren’t they?  (And we will get to you Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I own your asses too!)   This quite aptly titled offering is both hysterical and thrilling.  And also the name of the final pub in Newton Haven.  The rapport between the Frost and Pegg as always is what makes their characters so awesome in all of their movies together.

The Worlds End is about a small town, a group of friends, and a legendary quest (not unlike my own, just kidding, not nearly as epic) to complete the “Golden Mile”.  A pub crawl to end all pub crawls.  They only made it to the 9th bar on their first attempt as teenagers.  When they return as adults, their home town is not quite as normal as it was when they left it.  How not normal I will let you find out when you watch it.  And you should really freaking watch it.

The main character, Gary King, is having a hard time of it.  Even though all of his friends have gotten real jobs and families, he is still stuck in the nineties in a dumpy little flat, pining after his old life.  Sadly, as he is telling his epic coming of age story to what appears to be a support group, he says that it never got better then that night.  Sad right?  Yeah, he’s kinda pathetic, but his character is so freaking funny!

So Gary goes one by one to all his old mates and asks them to join him taking care of some “unfinished” business.  Reluctantly, a bunch of forty year old men agree to join Gary King on this adventure.  There are so many scenes that I love in this movie, it would be impossible to list them all.  But who doesn’t love an epic bar crawl with some crazy freaking plot twists that hit you like a complete ton of bricks smack in the middle of the movie.  Not so dissimilar from Hot Fuzz actually, but there is a difference.  Whatever I’m getting off task again.

So yeah, 5 guys, a shit ton of alcohol, and hijinks that lead to a seriously fucked up ending.  Yeah, watch it ya wankers!


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