I completely forgot how freaking awesome this movie was until last night.  I adore both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, so it is no surprise that I think this movie is amazing.   The cinematography, the acting, the script itself, all extremely well executed.  And it’s packed full of really nifty action sequences, which is always a bonus!

First, let’s discuss the cinematography in this bad boy.  Since Sin City is based on a graphic novel, the way they chose to visually represent the story is pure movie magic.  I don’t know how they did it technically, but us normal folks don’t really need to know the inner workings unless we choose to (hello special features).   Sin City is mostly black and white, peppered occasionally with pops of bright color.  A red dress, vibrant emerald green eyes, or golden blonde hair.  This is the kind of trickery that makes this movie so visually interesting.  The opening scene with the red dress and her glistening red lips just dives us right into the sexy pulp novel atmosphere.  Josh Hartnett’s monologue, narrated with a razor sharp script, is the perfect opening sequence.  And when those eyes flash brilliant green when he comments on their beauty, so damn pretty!

I also love the way it’s narrated. Sin City is even more film noir then Dark City, which I just posted about the other day.  I must have subconsciously tagged that pattern when I chose them so close to each other!  There are two main plots and then a plot that threads through in between.  Marv, the main character in the first half is played by Mickey Rourke.  Marv is an imposing giant of a man with bulging muscles and a face only a mother could love.  But it doesn’t matter what his face looks like because he is the bad ass to end all bad asses.  It is truly a treat to watch Marv’s action sequences!

This movie is so chock full of A list actors it borders on ridiculous.  Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Benicio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba just to name a few, but the list is even larger than that!  I had no complaints in the acting department for this one.  I especially loved Bruce Willis’s character.  The detective with a heart of gold.  Railing against crooked politicians and scumbag dirty police officers in the made up town of Basin City.  And random side note: how creepy is Elijah Wood’s character?  Seriously.  And this isn’t the only time Elijah has played a role like this.   Though I haven’t seen the remake of Maniac (I definitely want to for sure).  But I digress.

My other favorite sequences in this movie are all of the scenes in Old Town.  More badassery (yeah I totally made up that word, what of it?) ensues but this time with some powerful females.  These chicks could take your head off before you could even blink.  There is something sexy and empowering about the warrior women of Old Town, even despite the fact that they offer their bodies for sex.  At least they are doing it on their own terms, so it makes it a little bit less seedy.  Not that it matters, this movie is seedy and that is a large part of the charm.

I could go on for days about all the scenes I loved, but you and I both have other important things to get done.  Adulting to do and what not.  So if you are a fan of Frank Miller, or graphic novels, or Quentin Tarantino or just movies that kick ass in general.  If any of that sounds even remotely appealing to you, you might as well grab some popcorn, lay back, and enjoy.


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