What’s better than zombies?  Nazi zombies!

Yup, that’s what this Norwegian horror flick is about.   Another horror movie about a remote cabin and friends partying it up.  You don’t realize quite how many of those there are until you start writing blogs about it.  And I’m not even done with them yet, there are at least four more that I can think of just off the top of my head.  Ah horror movie tropes, how I love you.

The whole thing starts off a bit ominous because the main character’s girlfriend Sarah hasn’t arrived yet (we catch a glimpse of her in the first scene but I don’t want to give anything away).  She was supposedly skiing the whole way there, which seems pretty damn crazy to me even if the place wasn’t infested with Nazi zombies!  This cabin really gives new meaning to the word “remote”.   They have to hike about three miles in the snow to get there, and only one guy knows the exact route from where they parked the cars to the cabin.  Yeah that doesn’t spell disaster does it?

Well, the group of friends are hanging out, partying it up, you know the usual.  Then this creepy old dude shows up, criticizes the hippie chicks organic coffee and tells them a strange ass story about the area during World War II.   Everyone is pretty much just waiting for the old guy to skedaddle so they can get back to having some fun, but you can tell that at least some of them are sort of freaked out by the story.

Shortly thereafter they find a stash of coins, gold jewelry and the like in a wooden box.  And that is when it all goes straight to hell.  Apparently nazi zombies are summoned this way?  At least in this movie.  Anyway, even though this flick is foreign and you’ll have to suffer through subtitles (well some people hate them,  I don’t mind them at all), it is totally worth it.  The gore is off the fucking hook!

The beginning was a bit on the slow side, but once it kicks up, they crank the intensity to eleven. And did I mention the gore?  There are some kick ass fighting scenes between the main characters and the zombies, and a few WTF moments where you want to scream at them “what the hell are you doing?”.   Speaking of what the fuck moments, you should check out the sequel.  It’s ridiculous, but cool in the campy sort of way that I happen to love.

Overall there isn’t a whole lot to discuss with this movie. It’s kind of a take at face value type of movie.  Dead Snow is entertaining, funny and sort of scary.  Deep and insightful?  Not so much. I definitely recommend it though.  Especially if you are like me and are obsessed with zombies.  It is always fun to see something a little different in that sub genre.  Shake things up a bit.

So until we meet again, go and watch some of these movies, what are you waiting for?


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