Even though this movie is based off of a video game, I think this movie is freaky in all the right ways.  I typically don’t like video game based movies with only a few rare exceptions.  Silent Hill kicks right the heck in with Sharon a young girl almost sleepwalking right off of a cliff and muttering about Silent Hill.  Rose and her husband rush frantically to find her and just barely save her in time. Rose is obviously freaked out, so she decides to take her daughter to the town to get to the bottom of what is happening.

The two of them steal off in the night.  The poor husband is clueless because they didn’t even tell him they were leaving let alone where to.  Which is kind of rude if you ask me, but hey I don’t know what was going on in her head.

Enter the town itself.  Creep factor off the charts.  I have to say that my favorite parts of this movie are the creatures.  They are very scary and though not one hundred percent realistic they definitely do the job of freaking viewers out.  Also the set, with the washed out sky and continuously falling ash, really brings home the tone of the movie.

From what I’ve heard, (I’m not a big video game person) the game is a pulse pounder as well.  Though my one complaint about Silent Hill is the fact that some of the “clues” are odd and it seems clunky how she find them/figures them out.  And that is when it starts to feel too much like a video game, and then I have to regain the ability to suspend my disbelief again.  For me, it took me out of the movie.

The actress who plays Andrea on the Walking Dead is also in this movie, as the cop that follows Rose and Sharon up to Silent Hill and crashes her motorcycle.  At first she thinks that Sharon isn’t even Rose’s daughter after running into them at a gas station before they arrive at the town.  She’s almost immediately antagonistic towards Rose, which at first I found odd but it is explained later on.  Eventually they find that they are banded together in shared distress as the reality of what they are dealing with sets in.

Despite the few beefs I have with this flick, it is an entertaining watch.  The creatures are unique and scary, the acting is good, and the story line (for the most part) moves quickly and holds your interest.  I also really love the music for this one as well.  It sets the tone and the mood extremely well.  Also even though it is rated R, if you have a kid who loves horror movies (like my twelve year old daughter) there aren’t any sexual situation and not a ton of swearing.  So it is fairly safe, relatively speaking.

So if you settle in to watch this one, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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