This movie is so delightfully goofy and tongue in cheek.  It’s chock full of political allegories and over-exaggeration without being too heavy handed.  Even though it was filmed in the late nineties, the CGI alien bugs are actually not bad at all. I dare say they would hold up to some of todays standards.  On the flip side, it is super obvious by their “technology” that it was extrapolated from nineties tech.  The computer graphics and even their computers themselves look nothing like they would in the “future”.  Which by this movies standards, we are technically in right now.

Starship Troopers opens with a classroom scene and a gruff teacher espousing the virtues of war. Explaining how violence has solved more issues then any other strategy.  Complete and total side note, his little speech is a sample in an industrial song that I love.  He has obviously been to war because he is missing half of his arm, so he is pretty easy to take seriously.  This teacher ends up appearing later on as a Lieutenant, but I don’t want to give too much away.

The premise of the whole thing is that in order to be a “citizen” you had to serve in the Federation (a.k.a military) for a certain time period.  The main character Johnny is in love with his school sweetheart.  She is obsessed with becoming a pilot for the federation and unlike Johnny she is super book smart and aces all of her tests.  Johnny’s parents, who are obviously rolling in the dough, are vehemently against him joining up.  And as the viewer you want to yell “don’t do it cause of a girl you dummy!”  But of course he does.  Eventually war breaks out after a direct attack on their planet.

There is a TON of gore and dismembered body parts in this movie.  Those bugs do NOT take any prisoners, for real.  This film is extremely fast paced and it will keep your interest throughout the whole darn thing.  It is also a story about friendship and holding on even when the world tries to separate you.  With the amount of times they “run” into each other throughout the course of the movie, they definitely always fin their way back to their friends.

So if you are in the mood for an action movie that also has some social commentary to mentally chew on, Starship Troopers is a good choice.  I thoroughly enjoy this movie for so many reasons.  And again, mad blood and flying body parts.  It’s pretty sweet.


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