Okay, so before I begin this review, let it be said that I really dislike superhero movies.  It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why this is, but I think there are a few main reasons.  1. There has been a ridiculous influx of them within the last five to ten years.  As a market we are damn near saturated in skin tight super suits.  I know that most of the people I know love them and are really excited when a new one comes out (which seems like every other freaking day).   Mostly it just elicits a groan from me. 2. They are kind of cheesy, usually, and I just can’t get into cheesy that doesn’t come with a side of horror movie camp with blood and guts as a desert.

With that said, I will admit I enjoyed Deadpool.  Maybe because he makes fun of super heroes? Or maybe just because I’m obsessed with Ryan Reynolds (because…yum!)  I still made my fair share of groans, especially related to the two X-Men side kicks which both annoyed the ever living shit out of me.  But I can overlook that, since, well I mentioned Ryan Reynolds right?  And naked Ryan Reynolds?  Okay I lost my train of thought there for a minute…

So this movie is sort of advertised as an “anti” hero super hero movie.  He mentions that a few times.  Also, I think this was the first rated R superhero movie (and that gives it huge bonus points from me).  Blood and body parts and naked hot men woohoo!  There is more to love then hate in this movie for me, so I suffered through the obnoxious parts.  I don’t really need to get into too much detail on the plot here, I’m pretty sure just about everyone has seen the damn thing by now. Unlike some of the hidden gems I own which has a tiny fraction of the viewership of the big blockbuster summer comic book bonanzas.

I did say that I would watch every single movie that I own, (or should I saw “we” own because typically the movies I don’t want to watch were not purchased by me) so there are going to be some that I will not be gushing about.  Trying to mix in the selection’s I wasn’t so excited about was a frustrating but necessary endeavor.  My husband joked that if I didn’t do that, I would end up slogging through fifty movies that I hated all in a row (and would likely give up on the challenge, and I really truly do not want to do that).

I’d say Deadpool is somewhere in between for me.  There were parts that I really enjoyed (yummy yummy yummy Ryan Reynolds).  And parts that made me silently want to gag (stupid metal Russian dude and annoying teenager, even despite the fact that he purposely made fun of her being an annoying teenager).  It was worth a watch, even two since this was my second viewing.  I likely won’t be as kind to the other comic book movies that will come later.

Well, onward and upwards! 27 movies down (viewed at least, I’m still working on the blogs) and…a metric shit ton left to go.  So far this experiment has been both entertaining and difficult (I am loathe to imagine how difficult it is going to be to blog on some of the movies that I don’t really feel one way or the other about, those may be on the short side).  So until next time I will leave you with the mental image of naked Ryan Reynolds, enjoy.


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