Holy action movie Batman!  There is all of fifteen minutes of this movie that is NOT pulse pounding, nail biting craziness.  As I am not an avid theater goer, my decision to see this one on the silver screen was pretty much the best idea ever.  This is a movie that deserves, practically begs, to be seen surrounded by booming audio and larger than life visuals.  Talk about adrenaline, I was amped up for the entire run time of this bad boy.

Not only is Fury Road intense plot wise, visually it is pretty amazing as well.  The amount of talent and vision that it must have taken to realize all of those cars/trucks/whatever the hell they are, must have been insane.   The half life warrior boys, throwing themselves kamikaze style into flaming death?  Or those pole vaulting crazies? Who comes up with this shit?  Movie magic my friend, movie MAGIC.  I think they even won some awards for the stunts that they pulled off (quite literally, these people were really doing a lot of that shit you were seeing!)

I have to say though, my favorite part has to be that crazy masked nutter with the flaming guitar.  It was like a mini concert stage complete with a giant wall of speakers, backed by war drums booming in the background.  He was like a fucked up Peter Pan, flying around in his harness and shredding power chords.  Through entire fifteen minute long car chase scenes no less!  Coolest.  Concept.  Ever. (I’m a metal head what can I say?  It was a freaking highlight!)

On a different note, I know there was a lot of the flack from the mansplainers on this one.  Panning it because Furiosa was more the main character than Max.  Even if that is the case (and what does it really matter anyway) it wasn’t like Max didn’t have plenty of screen time.  Personally (my own feminism aside) I thought they played off of each other really well and Max is a cool ass dude either way.  The naysayers probably just can’t handle a chick as badass as her anyway.  If there is something wrong with her having more screen time, then I don’t want to be right.

It’s like the whole Ghostbusters remake, how many times have women taken a back seat in movies or have been pigeonholed away into nothing but a crutch for their male counterparts?  We deserve some bad ass time in the sun assholes, so why don’t you sit in the backseat for a little bit huh?  (In this one Max almost literally takes a backseat to her a few times teehee). Okay, feminist rant over (maybe).

Overall, there is a lot to enjoy here.  In terms of special effects, practical stunts and costumes, Fury Road lit up the screen! Post apocalyptic cinema at it’s best. If you like car chases, crazy balls out stunts, and Amazonian women who are so strong they could snap little mens rights activists in half, then you should see this movie.   If you haven’t already that is.


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