Apparently I am on a roll with 90’s sci-fi movies, and I am continuing right along with this beauty.  I did happen to read a sad bit though online when I was looking for a directors cut.  Over thirty minutes had to be cut in order to make it a rated R instead of NC-17, and that thirty minutes is possibly forever lost.  How depressing is that?  It was some good shit too (all the creepy gore and torture business).  Though I have to admit, it’s kind of fitting that the footage has “disappeared” or was too damaged to salvage.  It’s almost like the premise of the movie leaked out and affected reality.

Both my husband and I are big fans of industrial music and there are countless songs where bits from this movie are sampled, it’s almost comical. Every five minutes we would be like – oh I remember when that was sampled.  The song Fun with Knives by Velvet Acid Christ is practically an homage to the movie.  But it makes sense, cause this is a pretty dark film. So if you do end up liking this movie, and also need some dark moody electro to match check out that album! Anyway…back on task…

So the crew of the Lewis and Clark, a search and rescue ship, are tasked with the mission of finding out what happened to the crew of the titularly named Event Horizon.  Sam Neil plays Dr. William Weir, who I love in this movie (and In The Mouth Of Madness, which I will be reviewing as well later down the line).  On a little side note, I’ve always thought he had a really awesome scream. Not sure why that is important to note, but it was something I noticed between this movie and In the Mouth of Madness.  Yeah, I’m random so what?

Dr. Weir is the engineer who designed the Event Horizon in the first place.  The ship is special because it was designed to literally fold space and time to reach distant galaxies that would only be possible with faster then light travel.  When he initially tries to explain this, they all jump on the physics train of how faster then light travel is impossible.  Well there’s this device that he calls a Gravity Drive, which when aligned rips a hole in the fabric of space and allows the ship to travel through it to distant points in the galaxy (and beyond…like way beyond in this case).  There is some more technical jargon and what not, but I think you get the picture.  The ship has been gone for 7 years, when suddenly the distress beacon is picked up again, prompting the rescue team to be deployed.

There are quite a few recognizable actors and actresses in this movie, Laurence Fishburne plays the Captain of the ship and is awesome as always (I love him as an actor).  Joely Richardson who I recognized from Nip/Tuck plays Lt. Stark.  Things start off pretty freaking weird once they get on board the Event Horizon.  “This place is a tomb” is a line from Captain Miller (and also a sample in like three industrial songs, sorry couldn’t help myself).  It is pretty obvious to the entire crew that some serious badness went down in there.  Lt. Stark keeps getting off the charts readings when she scans for life forms even though the ship appears to be completely devoid of life.

As the movie progresses, the crew of the Lewis and Clark start seeing some extremely weird and impossible things. Stuff that is practically yanked out of their own nightmares and revealing their deepest fears.  Dr. Weir keeps trying to come up with bizarre scientific explanations for what they are seeing but the others aren’t buying it.  Shit goes from bad to worse through the course of the movie as it becomes quite evident that the ship is not what it seems and it is most assuredly malevolent.

What I love about this movie is that it is basically a haunted house in space, or at least that is the feeling it evokes for me.  There is some pretty awesome imagery too, though as I said above they had to take out quite a bit of the cool stuff for the dumb people who do the ratings.  So sad.  But still this movie has some cool effects and is a very fun and creepy watch.  For those of you that enjoy science fiction and horror movies, this is a rare combination treat that is honestly still pretty scary today.


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