Christian Bale is really amazing in this movie (and not just his bod in it, but holy crap that is pretty amazing too)!   Unreliable narrator much?  So this movie takes place in the late 80’s with a bunch of uptight wall street big wigs who are running around New York causing trouble.  But nowhere near the trouble that Patrick Bateman causes.

American Psycho starts out with Patrick narrating his morning routine.  He is a very fastidious person as is quickly evidenced by the sheer amount of self care products the man owns.  He has got a longer beauty routine then a fifty year old woman.  Though I have absolutely zero issue watching him naked taking a shower.  There are more then one of those scenes so you can look forward to that readers.  Well if that is what you are into anyway.  Or if I even have any readers other then myself.   I like that the beginning is like this because we as the viewer really get to see the cold hardness of Patrick Batemen.  There is even this very telling scene where you see him pulling off a clear facial mask as he talks about how there is nothing inside of him, that he is just a mask of humanity.

But outside of the bathroom and his humongous line of skin and hair products, there is even more fakeness and the word shallow takes on a whole new freaking meaning.  These guys, you just immediately know that they are just vacuous wastes of human beings.  We get some scenes with Patrick and all of his work buddies, the fellow vice presidents of the company they work for.  All they talk about is money and what fancy ass restaurant they are going to eat at tonight.  One of my favorite parts that I swear is really just a metaphor for the entire concept of the movie is when they all pull out their business cards.  Patrick is first, and they play this dramatic music and there is a slow motion camera action as the silver card holder pops open and he slams his card down onto the wood conference table.  Then they list off the features of the card, all reverent like.  The color and the lettering.  And then the next one, and Patrick internally freaks out that his friends card might be just a tiny bit more elegant or understated then his.  The envy and the desire to one up each other is just so obnoxious, but is really what this time period and those types of people were all about.

One of my favorite parts in this movie, which is actually multiple parts, is where he starts monologuing about music.  Especially the one about Whitney Houston.  It’s great because he sounds practically like an advertisement for the album.  Like he is trying to market them or something.  Of course it is even more bizarre because every time he does this he is preparing to butcher them in some horrendous way.  So there is this sense of awkwardness and you know that the other person has zero idea what is about to happen to him.

Things progress and his madness becomes a bit more pronounced.  You see the thin veneer of sanity start slipping off and he becomes more and more erratic. I love that this flick really makes you wonder about the ending which of course I won’t say anything about just in case, but it is definitely one of those introspective WTF endings.  You’ll leave the movie thinking that is for sure.  Although I’m fairly certain that the director wants you to go a certain way on it, but maybe I’m wrong.  Either way it is a pretty good watch and you should check it out!


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