Oh the nineties, gotta love it.  Funnily enough, nineties fashion has been making a big comeback the last couple of seasons, so it has been kind of funny watching all of these movies from that era and being like shit I’m seeing that stuff in stores right now.  I also just bought my daughter her first pair of Doc Martens (and she’s suddenly fallen in love with Nirvana as well).  Flashbacks much?

Anyway, I digress, this movie is a total trip.  It all centers around three kids (while kids is relative, early twenties I’m guessing?) who all work at a grocery store together.  Ronna is short on her rent so she has just pulled a 14 hour shift when her buddy Simon asks her to cover his so he can go to Vegas with his friends.  We get to see the events of the night from three wildly different perspectives and it is tied together by Claire’s perspective just trying to keep her shit together and get back with her friends.

There is this crazy rave (remember raves? This shit took me back) that they all end up at during the course of the night with crazy results.  Anyway, we see Ronna despondently running things through the scanner when two guys buying like fifteen cans of orange juice roll up.   So these guys are trying to score ecstasy from Simon, but since he was in Vegas they ask Ronna (Sarah Polley) if she can get some.  Of course the amount that they ask for is the magic number where intent to sell turns in to trafficking (you get the picture) but Ronna is desperate for money and she doesn’t know about that minor little detail (and I say minor sarcastically).  So she says she will try to hook them up.  The guys are working for a cop trying to get out of a drug charge on them, but they all do a shitty job of it and it is fucking hilarious.

Poor Ronna, she’s just trying to not get evicted but shit goes seriously south for her throughout the course of the evening.   After the whole debacle with the undercover cop and his rube sidekicks who have zero idea what they are doing, she has to go back to the drug dealers house to try and spin some bullshit story about them already scoring from their friends or cousins or whatever.  Not only that but a very young Katie Holmes (Claire) ends up being used as collateral at the drug dealer Todd’s (Timothy Elephant) house.

But by far my favorite perspective (and storyline) has to be the guys that go to Vegas.  Simon is the ringleader of this one,  and it’s his perceptive that we follow along as he makes a complete and utter ass of himself.  My husband was watching part of it with me and he was like ‘Jesus christ this dude is stupid’.  And that is kind of the understatement of the freaking year.  So his little piece starts out with him pounding on the inside of the trunk where he has apparently passed out.  A laughing Taye Diggs (a young Taye too, and ooh do I love that boy yum!) pulls him out of there.  They proceed to act like complete and utter man children and are telling outrageous stories about their sex life.  Although one later conversation when they are at a Vegas buffet is the icing on the cake.  Taye Digg’s character Marcus is talking about how he and his woman have become experts at Tantric sex.  The look on the rest of their faces is freaking priceless.

Two of the boys who eat an assload of buffet shrimp end up with the shits so bad they can’t even go out to gamble, so it is all upon Marcus and Simon to live it up Vegas style.  And boy do they.  Of course they immediately start causing a shit ton of trouble when they are heading out of the casino/hotel and some dude throws Marcus the keys to his Ferrari because he just happens to be wearing a gold jacket that looks like the employees.  So of course their dumb asses get in and drive away in the thing.  I mean shit I would be tempted if it was me, but come on I don’t want to get arrested!

There is even more craziness and shenanigans and this is still only one third of the movie!  Well technically it is the second third, but whatever that doesn’t matter.  Either way, the main theme of this movie is essentially doing stupid shit and literally having to GO (hence the title).  Zach even mouths the word “go” to Ronna when she almost gets busted for selling the ecstasy.

Essentially this is a drug fueled, wild ass ride of a movie.  It’s action packed, funny, and very fast paced.  It’s definitely worth a watch, for just a few of the more memorable scenes at the very least!  Hopefully I’ve interested you enough to check it out (and sorry about some of the rambling!)


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