Watch this movie right the heck now if you haven’t already. Seriously.  This movie is freaking hysterical.  The hubby and I saw this in the theater on a date night (always nice to get away from the kids, or in this case kid cause my youngest wasn’t born yet).  We very rarely see movies that aren’t action or horror in the theater because it seems like a waste of money, but we had heard good things and figured what the hell.  Honestly,  I haven’t laughed this hard at a comedy in a long time.   On a funny personal note, this movie was actually what made up our minds to have another kid.  Our daughter had been pestering us for a sibling for quite some time but for some reason this flick sealed the deal.  I think it is because the onscreen couple in Date Night reminded us so much of ourselves, though we aren’t nearly as hysterical as Steve and Tina.

Phil and Claire Foster (played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey respectively) are stuck in a rut.  Same restaurant, same meals, same conversation.  Talking about kids and work and things that should be relegated to the average weekday not for their precious time alone.  They find out during a book club meeting that one of their couple friends is getting a divorce.  Side note, it is completely adorable that Phil actually reads the books and participates with all of the girls, kind of reminds me of my own husband.  You can tell that the news has really shaken them, so on the next Friday date night Claire gets all dolled up.  So Phil decides that they should go into the city for dinner at a super hip restaurant in downtown Manhattan.  Of course it’s one of those places where if you don’t call two months in advance there is no way in hell you’ll get a table.  The hostess is one of those bitchy Manhattanites and almost laughs them off.  But they decide to stay at the bar and see if they can get a table anyway.

Claire has just about convinced him that they should just leave and go somewhere else when they hear the hostess calling out a name for a table about three or four times with no response.  So the dumbass raises his hand and they take this strangers reservations.   Which, while a somewhat shitty thing to do, starts a whole ridiculous chain of events that just gets stranger and stranger as the night goes on.

I seriously love everything about this flick.  It has comedy, action, romance, and some seriously sweet moments between the main couple.  Not annoying sweet either, the good kind that is super freaking rare to find in a romantic comedy.   I just thought it was so fun and well written. One of my favorite parts is when one of the bad guys turns his gun sideways and Steve Carrell shouts “He turned the gun sideways.  That’s a kill shot!”  The scene in the strip club where they have to dance for the creepy D.A. is some seriously funny shit too.

A shirtless Mark Wahlberg (Holbrooke) doesn’t hurt either I must say.  Even better, his characters is like a mega super bad ass.  He’s got this super futuristic computer set up and is apparently a CIA operative or something like that.  Basically, he’s about as cool as you can get.  Which is why it is so hysterical how Claire is all gooey eyed around him (she met him when she was showing him real estate) and Phil keeps freaking out any time he mentions the long hours they worked together.

This movie is filled with really quotable quotes too (I mentioned one earlier) but another favorite of mine which relates to the above paragraph is on the second time they bug Holbrooke for help: “And will you, for the love of God, put on a fucking shirt!”  And no one but him wants that.  Like for real. So if you are up for something light and funny but with some heart too, this is the movie for you.  Especially if you are like me and aren’t really a big fan of romantic comedies.  Cause this one makes all the rest of them look even dumber (if that’s actually possible.  Cause most of them are super freaking dumb).


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