My very first date with my now husband was watching this movie at my apartment in Evanston.  So this one holds a special place in my heart even though it’s kind of a bizarre ass movie.  I want to say it is sci-fi but I’m not sure if that is an accurate descriptor.  Sort of?  It’s hard to explain, but then again Cube is difficult to describe.  Not the basic premise of the plot, that is actually simple.  There is a giant cube, literally, and people are stuck in it and have to try and survive.

A wildly different bunch of people are thrown together in this maze of cubes and no one knows how they got there.  It seems that they were simply plucked from wherever they were at the time.  After freak outs and some discussion/introductions they try to work out if there is a reason for each of them being there.  And if there is one, what their purpose is in trying to solve the “puzzle” and get out of there alive.  There is a macho asshole cop, a paranoid conspiracy theorist doctor, a teenage math whiz, some average guy who doesn’t talk much, a professional escape artist and an autistic man.  They aren’t all in there at the same time, a few are discovered along the way as they go from cube to cube through these little metal doors.

This is a very psychological movie, while there is action, it isn’t very pronounced.  Some of the cubes that they travel through are booby trapped, so there is some interesting special effects and such.  But for the most part it really is a human drama about how they all get along with each other.  Also, they don’t have any food or water, so that kind of puts a bit of a time limit on the whole endeavor.

The math nerd Leaven (Nicole De Boer) realizes that the numbers that are etched on the metal of all the doors between each cube has some kind of meaning.  At first she just thinks that the rooms that are prime are the ones that are booby trapped, and that theory holds for a little while.  But then shit gets weirder and they almost screw up big time by going into a room that they thought was safe. Tension builds as exhaustion and dehydration set in and crap gets especially bad with the asshole cop Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint).  He has that wild ass look in his eyes that you just know is going to end up spelling trouble.

The ending is interesting and not too predictable which is nice.  Although I would have liked to have seen a little more explanation, they left it more open ended than I would have preferred.  Otherwise, it is a cool watch and I definitely recommend it if you like this kind of psychological thriller.  Again I am having the worst time categorizing this movie into a genre!  Genre issues aside, you should check it out and see for yourself.


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