This is such a fun movie!  It may be for kids on the surface, but there is so much here for adults to love as well.  That is one of the many things I enjoy about the more modern flicks for children.  The filmmakers have finally gotten wise to the fact that adults will be subjected to these alongside their kids, on a freaking loop most of the times.  And they have thankfully begun to put some nods for us old fogies.  It makes being a parent a bit more enjoyable (cause I am not going to enjoy watching the barbie movies later on, those were not made with the parents in mind sadly.  Plus they just really really suck).

Wreck it Ralph has a lot to love.  It’s about a bunch of arcade games where the characters inside them are actually living real lives outside of “operating hours”.  They can move among the other games through a game central station (which is really a large surge protector with a billion games plugged into it.)  There a lot of nods to older classic games like Qbert, Tappers, and what looks like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat (if they aren’t those games exactly they are modeled after them).

Ralph is the bad guy in a game called Fix It Felix Jr.  He finally goes to a “bad guys anonymous” meeting, the other bad guys had been asking him to join for years.  Poor Ralph has finally had enough.  He doesn’t want to live in the dump surrounded by the collective wreckage of the building that he destroys over and over again.  So he decides that if he gets a medal like Felix then they will all like him and he won’t have to live in the dump anymore.

Of course that is where things go all sorts of crazy.  He hijacks some guy’s gear in a game called Hero’s Duty.  It’s a more futuristic first person shooter where a bunch of soldiers are tasked with killing aliens called psybugs (I have zero idea how to spell that by the way, so I’m going with my gut on it).   He succeeds in getting the medal but not before he mucks it all up and sends himself careening into yet another game, this one called Sugar Rush.  He meets a charming little girl who has been rejected by everyone in the game because she is a “glitch”.  Madness ensues and they have to save the whole arcade from being taken over by psybugs (since Ralph was the one who unwittingly brought one into the game it didn’t belong in).  Another fun fact about this particular universe is that if you die in a different game you won’t regenerate.  They reiterate that quite a few times over the course of the movie.

I don’t want to give too much away as per usual, but if you are a fan of old arcade games and just good writing in general you’ll enjoy this one.  And I’m pretty sure your kids will too.


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