“I’m a big big star.”  Oh Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, yes you are my darling.

This movie is a romp, from it’s enjoyable light beginning of the disco porno film heyday to the WTF moments in the eighties when shit gets real.  Drug soaked and full of nakedness, this is a great film to watch when you want to have a good time.  Or if you want to remember why most of the eighties was snorted up from a mirror.

Plus Mark Wahlberg is a hottie and he spends the bulk of this movie wearing next to nothing.  So that is always a good reason to watch a movie (see my review of Deadpool). It has a pretty stellar cast as well, with quite a few A-listers.  And Burt Reynolds as the porn director du jour, Jack Horner, is just about as perfect as it gets.  Then you have the other colorful characters that pepper the screen throughout the movie.  There is roller girl (who literally does not have a freaking name.  She is roller girl through the whole thing.  AND she never takes her roller skates off.)  Being a roller derby chick myself, I of course thought this was pretty cool.  Though the first time I saw this I had not gotten in to the sport as of yet.  So roller girl is played by the lovely Heather Graham.  Who is actually the first lucky gal to audition with Mark Wahlberg’s character Eddie Adams.

At one of the many lavish parties thrown by the illustrious Jack Horner, a star is born.  Dirk Diggler.  What a freaking name.  Then there is his partner in crime almost immediately, who he meets at this particular party (there are many more to come after that).  Reed and Dirk bond over pretty much everything, which cracks me up because at first it looks like all he is trying to do is one up Dirk whenever he can.  Another character that makes his appearance is Scotty (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) who almost immediately falls head over heels for Dirk Diggler.  Lock stock and damn barrels.  He’s the sound guy I think.  It cracks me up the look on his face the first time Dirk Diggler makes his porno debut with Amber Waves (played by Julianna Moore).  It’s like he’s creamed in his pants over and over again.  (Who knows, maybe he did).  I have to say, this is a pretty steamy little sex scene.  And you can tell that Jack just knows he’s going to be making some serious bucks off of this guy.

In the beginning, Dirk’s character (or rather Eddie Adams at that point) is a sweet naive boy.  He makes friends with everyone and seems humble and just genuinely glad to be given this shot.  Then you slowly see his character devolve into a fame loving suck up who thinks his shit doesn’t stink.  The first inkling you get of this is when he is showing Amber all of his new shit.  He is giving her a tour of the house he just bought and the bad ass little sports car, also brand new.  Not that people shouldn’t be allowed to get excited about new stuff, but you can tell even at this point that the fame is starting to go to his head.

It doesn’t get real bad until they roll in to the eighties, but it’s there nonetheless.  It is actually kind of difficult to blog about this movie because honestly there was SO MUCH going on in it!  So many different characters with crazy ass personalities and quirks that I could probably go on and on for more pages then you would really want to read.  I’m trying o boil it down to its salient parts but I do like to ramble sometimes.  Anyway, back on point, we see most of these characters begin to devolve after the New Years Eve party of 1979.  The most dramatically is Little Bill (William H. Macy), who has to continually watch his wife fuck other men.  Sometimes in front of a whole crap ton of other men out in the open.  So yeah, he finally snaps.  Lets just say that they ring in 1980 with a freaking BANG.

And then it really all goes to absolute and utter shit.  Like way down in the toilet.  The culmination of which is a very strange ass scene where the main guys (who are now so strung out they can’t even function on a basic human level and are completely flat ass broke) try to sell some big time drug dealer baking soda instead of cocaine.  This is one nutty scene, you have to just see it to truly understand.

Things do eventually wrap themselves up in a rather nice fashion, but again you’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.  I know that I say this about a lot of the movies that I have blogged about so far, but it’s worth a watch sheerly for Mark Wahlberg as a porno star.  Or just the fact that it is about porn altogether.  Um yeah, I’ll just leave it there huh?


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