I started this blog at the behest of a friend who was helping me to keep up with a daily writing habit after National Novel Writing Month wrapped up.  When I told her about my insane goal to watch every single movie that we owned (which is not quite a thousand as my website title suggests but it is pretty darn close), she thought that reviewing and commenting on them would be a great way to keep me writing.

This is my first ever blog.  I never really thought to create one as I had no real goal or reason in mind, but I have to say I have quite enjoyed the process so far.  I’m no professional movie reviewer, but what you’ll get from me is a fun and colorful (I like to swear, so just beware of that) commentary on a wide array of movies.

Our taste in movies is as eclectic as our taste in music so be prepared for a slightly schizoid smorgasbord of films.  But hey, maybe you’ll find one that you never knew about and watch it.  That’s worth a little look see isn’t it?  I hope you enjoy!